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Participation in the European Music Day 2021


under the direction of Maestro

Maria Michalopoulou

Soloists: Theodoros Birakos, Rea Voudouri, Theodoros Paltoglou.

Piano: Marianna Spirakou 

Friday, June 25, 2021 at 9 p.m.

Numismatic Museum of Athens Garden Café

Greeting: Dr. George Kakavas, Director of the Numismatic Museum at Athens

Mr Ioannis Maronitis, President of the Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands and President of INTERNATIONAL ACTION ART

It is necessary to reserve seats.

Phone for reservations: 210 3610067

Info: Monetary Museum | University 12, Athens.

Facebook: Cafe Nomismatiko – Mouseio

Instagram: cafenomismatikomouseio

Program: The Enchanted Fountain (Costas Krystallis), Remembrance (Dionysios Solomos), Approach (Yiannis Ritsos), Wayfarer (Paul Nirvana), Tu sei come una terra (Cesare Paveze), No te amo (Pablo Nerouda), Love is life War and peace (Leon Tolstoy), How much I love you (Yannis Vilaras), The child in the river (Georgios Vizyinos), Silence (Kostis Palamas),  Parthenon (Kostis Palamas), You the sweet (George Drosinis), Caryatids (Ioannis Polemis)


Panagiotis Karousos is a renowned Greek-Canadian composer who brings to his music the philosophy and spiritualism of the Greek classics. His Symphony No.1 “Liberty”, was presented in Canada and New York with great success with the Astoria Symphony and maestro Silas Nathaniel Huff. He did many concerts in Canada with his Liberty Symphony, and Symphony No.2 “Olympic” with the FACE Symphony Orchestra, the OSJL-L Symphony Orchestra and the Monteregie Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestros Andre Gauthier, Theodora Stathopoulos and Luc Chaput. The Piano Concerto for Peace was presented with pianist Nathalie Joncas under UNESCO auspices in the Montreal Popular Concerts series in Montreal’s Maurice Richard Arena to an audience of 5000 people. The Suite Montrealaise was commended from the City of Montreal to mark the Millennium. The Olympic Flame choir was presented with the Symphony Orchestra and the Choir of Gunst wat'n Kunst at Hague, Holland, with maestro Rafael Pylarinos. P. Karousos Violin Concerto was presented in New York, under the direction of maestro Grant Gilman. The opera Alexander the Great presented in Montreal at the Montreal Notre Dame Basilica, in Chicago Illinois with the American Symphony Orchestra of Chicago and conducted by David Stech, in North Carolina Theatre with East Coast Philharmonic and soloists under the direction of Grant Gilman, and in Toronto at P.C. Ho Theater Cultural Center of Toronto with the Sneak Peak Symphony Orchestra of Toronto University and soloists under the direction of maestro Victor Cheng. The opera Prometheus represented in Los Angeles, in New York with the Astoria Symphony and soloists, and in Washington DC with The District of Columbia Symphony Orchestra. In 2013 he did major presentations of Prometheus in Ancient Greek Theaters (Epidaurus, Messina, Ancient Agora), and the National Archeological Meseum of Greece. In 2014 Prometheus presented with bass Vasilis Asimakopoulos in the United Nations and in Mamie Fay auditorium of New York under the auspices of UNESCO. His Symphony No.4 “Earth” premiered in 2014 with City of Athens Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro Eleftherios Kalkanis. In 11 December 2014 he presented in Athens Greece his "Tuba Concerto" dedicated to the International Mountain Day Under the Auspices of United Nations.  The lyric tragedy "Prometheus Bound" is the first Greek popular opera presented internationally and always with great success in areas such as the Sorbonne, Place des Arts in Canada, Epidaurus, UN, getting rave reviews.