The Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands and the Sofia National Opera and Ballet presentPROMETHEUS by Panagiotis Karousos

The Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands
and the Sofia National Opera and Ballet present
by Panagiotis Karousos
Based on Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus

Thursday, 23rd February, 2017 at 7pm
Sofia Opera House
Prometheus: Vasilis Asimakopoulos, bass
Io: Irene Konsta, soprano
Oceanid / Hera: Vanessa Kalkanis, soprano
Violence/Amfitrite/Athena: Kassandra Dimopoulou, mezzo
Ocean / Hermes: Philip Modinos, tenor
Victoria Kiazimi, piano

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Aeschylus’ masterpiece “Prometheus Bound” in opera: The opera Prometheus based on Aeschylus tragedy Prometheus Bound is the most successful and popular Greek opera, an achievement of the human mind, with deep roots in ancient Greek tragedy. Internationally acclaimed Panagiotis Karousos is the most important opera composer in the Greek operatic history. The Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands will bring in Sofia Opera House, among with the composer, some of the most talented opera singers of Greece.

The lyric tragedy «Prometheus Bound» is the first Greek popular opera presented always with great success in areas such as the Sorbonne, Place des Arts in Canada, Epidaurus, UN.

In Montreal, Canada, Prometheus presented with bass Joseph Rouleau, and in 2008 moved to New York and Washington under the direction of maestro Grant Gilman. In Greece Prometheus presented at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, Theatre of Ancient Messene, Ancient Agora, Euripides Ancient Theatre of Salamis, National Archaeological Museum, Theatre Veakeio, International Petra Festival, etc.

With the patronage of UNESCO was presented in March 2014 in New York City in Queens Auditorium and the United Nations starring Vasilis Asimakopoulos representing Greece at the UN, and in the Amphitheater Richelieu of the Sorbonne in Paris, presented by Ioannis Maronitis, President of the Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands and Member of the Executive Council of the World Federation Clubs, Associations & UNESCO Centres (WFUCA) for Europe and North America.

Under the direction of conductor Eleftherios Kalkanis presented at the Third Program of Greek National Radio-Television ERT, the Concert Hall of Literary Society «Parnassos», and in the Old Parliament House of Greece. The opera «Prometheus Bound» by Panagiotis Karousos has made a unique story in Greek opera. For the first time a Greek opera itself becomes popular. The work expresses the voice of the popular fighter giving hope and courage in the social and moral decadence. The rebel Prometheus brings the fire of knowledge, and the universal message of resistance against all sorts of tyrannical powers. In today’s violent and turbulent era hero Prometheus brings a message of hope. Not only the high lyricism of Aeschylus and the symbolism of Prometheus the Titan touched both the world, but is the inspired music creation of Panagiotis Karousos that awakening primordial feelings unseen to listeners.

Free entrance